Target Sprint

2021 A year in review

We started the year in yet another lockdown which called time on all training. It also prevented most competitions from starting up again, and even those that did had reduced participation due to travel restrictions and CoViD-19 concerns. Training was also significantly affected by coaches availability being reduced, through work, pregnancy and illness.

This meant most weekend training sessions stopped in the summer, but weekday training sessions continued. Limited competition availability did not stop athletes success though, with medals in Target Sprint and success in the Regional qualifiers for the British Shooting National Schools Air Rifle competition. We also made links with the North West Pentathlon Hub and Laser Run.

2022 still looks uncertain, with many athletes now in college or new jobs after the pandemic with reduced numbers at target sprint training as a result. Coaching changes at our running venue have also created some uncertainty.

However Laser Run has proved popular and 10m air rifle competitions continue. It’s time to rebuild post pandemic and look forward to more competitions and training opportunities.